Senior Academy


U13 - U19 Program


The Chattanooga Red Wolves Academy (CRWA) u13-u19 boys and girls program is meant for focused, highly motivated, and talented players who want to experience the joy and developmental benefits that come from high level, specific, and professional coaching. The primary focus of the CRWA u13-u19 program is to develop the individual player (over immediate team success) so that each player can fulfill their maximum potential.


CRWA u13-u19 players will train 3 times per week (see training structure below) and will continue to develop their technical skills acquired at the foundational stages of the academy. They will be challenged with more advanced tactical concepts and decision-making processes that the 11v11 game demands. CRWA players will be expected to become self-motivated and disciplined athletes who create good training habits that will enable them to acquire a sense of competence with a focus on long-term rather than short-term development. These players will also be expected to compete successfully in appropriate statewide, regional, and national competitions. (see competition levels below).


When a player becomes a part of the Chattanooga Red Wolves Academy u13-u19 program, they continue on a pathway that we believe can provide them the opportunity to one day be a professional soccer player. The u13-u19 program will also work diligently toward developing student-athletes who are elite candidates to play collegiate level soccer.  The CRWA u13-u19 program will teach the life skills of teamwork, dedication, discipline, and being an integral part of a community.


Training Structure


CRWA u13-u19 training structure will be consistent with the model at the younger stages of the academy. Players will train 3 nights per week. (primarily Monday, Tuesday and Thursday).


Session 1

Format: Circuit( to allow players to learn from variety of coaches)

Focus:technical development. Physical component with SAQ, injury prevention, rehabilitation/recovery, and preparation

Led by: Variety of coaches within age group and Red Wolves Professional players

Session 2

Format: Small sided activities (1v1, 3v3, 5v5)

Focus: technical development with implementation in game like situations

Led by: Team Head Coach

Session 3

Format: Traditional Team training

Focus: Team tactical principles, appropriate for age and level of team

Led by: Team Head Coach


Levels/Leagues of Competition for CRWA u12-u19 program


  • U13 and u17 boys age groups: Beginning in 2020, CRWA will enter a team into the United Soccer League’s (USL) Academy.

  • U12 - U19 Boys & Girls (with u18/19 being a combined group): CRWA will enter a team per age group into the South Atlantic National Premier League (NPL), which is associated with US Club Soccer. This is a regional league with ten other quality clubs from Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. 

  • U13 - U19 Boys and Girls teams not competing in the NPL will be entered into the appropriate level TN State League (division 1, division 2, or division 3) with the opportunity to advance to USYS regionals and USYS nationals. 

  • All teams will compete in additional tournaments (or showcases for u16-u19) that are age and level appropriate while maintaining a good “training session to game” ratio.