Newest Executive Order (#50) & Start of 20/21 Season. Where do we stand?

Q. Have 7/1 team placement tryouts for age groups containing 2 or more teams been canceled and why? Where can I find information on the newest executive orders?
A. YES, 7/1 team placement tryouts have been canceled. As of 6/29, Gov. Bill Lee’s executive order #50 has extended the order on contact sports through 8/29, which prohibits scrimmaging (physical / contact play). Read here. The Hamilton County Health Dept. is in agreement and is choosing to follow the TN Pledge guidelines: Noncontact Sports

Q. Why did CRWA wait to place players on designated teams (age groups containing 2 or more teams)?
A. We wanted to give players the best opportunity to showcase their talents. This is the most professional and fairest way to evaluate each individual player.

Q. How are you going to determine the roster a player makes (age groups containing 2 or more teams)?
A. There will be discussions between coaches regarding performance from the previous year, technical evaluations conducted June 8-12, and technical evaluations conducted during evening camps over the past two weeks.

Q. Are rosters going to change throughout the year (age groups containing 2 or more teams)?
A. Yes. This is a possibility, especially this year due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding the formation of teams.

Q. How would roster changes affect team fees (boys age groups containing 2 or more teams)?
A. The team fees paid by an individual will follow that player to the new roster. All team fees will be evenly divided among the players on a specific team. Any necessary refunds or prorated amounts as well as amounts due will be calculated on a case by case basis.

Q. When will we hear from our coach about the team we have been offered (boys age groups containing 2 or more teams)?
A. You will receive notification from the head coach of the team you are placed on by 10 pm Friday 7/3. If you have not yet completed your club registration, you will have 24 hours to do so. The Demosphere email will also be resent for your convenience. 

Q. Will the dates in August when physical play is not allowed, be counted towards a covid refund or credit?
A. No. There needs to be a total shutdown in order to constitute a refund towards club fees. Players will still be able to technically train and improve their game.

Q. Will there be a preseason camp this year?
A. Yes. While it may look different from previous years, we still expect to offer valuable and effective training prior to the start of the official season. This will take place at the beginning of August.

Q. Will there still be evening camps open to the community?
A. Yes, there will still be evening camp sessions July 6th, July 8, July 13, and July 15. Register here:

Q. When will we receive ordering instructions for uniforms? Are they the same as last year?
A. Instructions for ordering uniforms will be sent within the next two weeks t those who have completed their club registration. We are currently finalizing the details with a new vendor. The uniforms are the same as last year. Jersey numbers will be automatically assigned for any new players. Returning players will keep their same number. In the rare case of a duplicate jersey number, you will be contacted by Jessica Thomas

Q. What is PlayMetrics and when will we receive our invitation to join?
A. PlayMetrics is the communications system CRWA uses for club and team messaging, announcements, and scheduling. Once all teams are determined (over the next week), you will receive notification that you have been added to the system (you must first complete your club registration). For NEW PLAYERS: The primary email for parent / guardian #1 will receive an invitation to join PlayMetrics. From there, you will be able to add any additional parents or guardians who need access. For BOTH NEW & RETURNING players: Instructions & additional information on setting up your account can be found HERE.

Q. Will teams be allowed to leave Hamilton County to play games and/or tournaments?
A. We are currently reviewing this option and will communicate any definitive answers as soon as possible.