2020-2021 Season TRYOUTS

Interested in joining CRWA?

Thank you to all who attended this year's Academy tryouts!

If you were unable to attend the technical tryouts in June, but would still like to be considered for the 2020-2021 season, please register through the link below and email jthomas@redwolves-sc.com to express interest. (Does not apply to "team placement" tryouts).

*Online registration is required

Team Placement Tryouts

7/1/2020 Team Placement tryouts have been canceled due to Gov. Bill Lee's Executive Order #50. Please click HERE for additional information on how this affects the start of the CRWA season.

Map of Camp J

Map of Camp J

Important Details

Q. Are parents allowed in the field area (beyond the parking lot)? 
A. Due to COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines, only players attending tryouts and approved CRWA staff members are allowed on the fields and area beyond the parking lot. Parents will not be allowed beyond the parking lot.


Q. Where should my player(s) go to check in upon arrival?
A. Players should go directly to their assigned field, per the posted schedule. A coach will then check them in. A "Take Your Mark Sports, SportSafe Waterproof marker" will be used to apply a number to each player's arm.

Q. What should the players wear?
A. If you are a new player, please wear a plain black t-shirt and black or red athletic shorts. If you are a returning player, please wear your black training jersey and red shorts. 

Q. Who will be evaluating the players?
A. Only head coaches and professional technical staff may serve as tryout evaluators.

Complete list of COVID-19 physical distancing guidelines:

  • All participants must have their temperature checked prior to arrival. If a player has any COVID-19 symptoms or a fever of 100.4 or greater, they should not attend tryouts and a member of the CRWA staff should be notified immediately.
  • All players should thoroughly wash their hands prior to attending tryouts
  • All players should visit a restroom before arrival. The Camp Jordan bathrooms will be open, but are for emergencies only.
  • All players should bring their own hand sanitizer & water.
  • Upon arrival, all parents / guardians are to remain in their vehices. NO CONGREGATING or GATHERING at any time. Parents / guardians will not be allowed to enter the field area (beyond the parking lot).
  • No physical interaction between players and coaches (no 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, etc.). No handshakes, high 5s, team huddles, etc. 
  • Each player will have a designated spot to place their backpacks and water. Do not touch anyone else's backpack or equipment. 
  • Players will not be allowed to touch any equipment (including cones, poles, goals, benches, etc.), except for their own ball or another player's ball with their feet only.
  • Once the session has ended, players will exit the field promptly with their coach. He or she will walk the players to where the field meets the the parking lot to ensure physical distance of 6ft between individuals is kept at all times.

2020 - 2021 Program Fees



Club fee pricing includes professional training, field usage, and registration with youth soccer governing body. There will be additional fees, commonly referred to as "team fees". These will cover your individual team expenses (ref fees, tournament registration fees, coach's travel, etc.). This amount will vary per team, but typically ranges between $250 - $400 per player, per season.

*All transactions will include a credit card merchant fee of 4% + $1

Financial Aid

In an effort to provide increased opportunities for children and their families to participate in competitive soccer, Chattanooga Red Wolves SC offers scholarships based on a combination of need and merit. We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships that can be awarded each year. If you feel that you or your family would qualify for a scholarship, please view the informational handout on requirements and fill out the scholarship application. Please make sure your applications and documents are turned in before the designated deadlines. Scholarships may be applied to club fees only. Team fees are the responsibility of each family.


Deadlines to Submit:


U9-U12 Application must be received by: MAY 23rd for 2020-2021 seasonal year.

U13 and Older Application must be received by: MAY 23rd for 2020-2021 seasonal year.


Click HERE for requirements and application.


Returning Player Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions: RETURNING PLAYERS

Q. Do I need to attend tryouts? If not, why?
If you are a returning player, you do not need to attend the formal tryout dated June 8, 9, & 10. With


Email: Academy@redwolves-sc.com