Returning Player Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions: RETURNING PLAYERS

Q. Do I need to attend tryouts? If not, why?
If you are a returning player, you do not need to attend the formal tryout dated June 8, 9, & 10. With that said, your coach may ask for you to attend in order to help gauge the level of any new players trying out. Unfortunately, we do still need to physically distance during any training session, including tryouts (per state & local guidelines). By limiting the number of players at the fields, we can be more successful at keeping up with these protocols.

Q. Do returning players need to register for tryouts?
A. Yes. By registering, this tells us you are returning for the 20/21 season and allows us to send you a formal offer through Demosphere. The $25 fee goes towards your club fees.

Q. Will I receive a formal email offer to join CRWA for the 20/21 season?
Yes. You may first receive an email or phone call from your coach inviting you to the age group roster for the upcoming season. In the next few days, you will then receive a formal email offer to accept or decline through Demosphere. Once you accept, you will be prompted to complete the club registration.

Q. Do I need to register and commit to CRWA immediately upon receiving the formal offer through Demosphere?
 (UPDATED 6/6) For all returning players, in order to guarantee your spot, you must accept and complete your club registration within 48 hours of receiving the formal invite. However, if once you receive your team roster placement you would like to decline, you must first meet with your coach and age group director to discuss. If after meeting you still want to pass on the offer, we will respect your decision and refund any payments made (minus $25 plus credit card procession fees). This request and discussion must take place within 48 hours of receiving the team offer.

Q. I submitted a financial aid application. When will I receive a determination?
All applicants will receive a financial aid determination by June 12th. Please wait until you receive this information to accept your age group offer and complete your 20/21 club registration.

Q. When will CRWA be giving team offers?
A. We plan to offer spots within a week of being allowed to play contact soccer.

Q. Is there the possibility of offers being given before contact soccer is allowed?
A. Yes. In the case of teams participating in league play, this timeframe may be adjusted and moved up due to league application deadlines.